What You Know Bout Love – Pop Smoke

El Billboard Hot 100 continúa consolidando el legado de Pop Smoke, ya que "For the Night", con Lil Baby y DaBaby, se convirtió en su primer éxito entre los 10 primeros y se mantiene en el puesto 15 tres meses después (tabla fechada el 3 de octubre).


El rapero Pop Smoke de Brooklyn, nacido como Bashar Barakah Jackson en julio de 1999. En febrero, el artista de 20 años fue asesinado a tiros en Los Ángeles después de un robo. En los meses posteriores a su muerte, “Dior” de Pop Smoke se ha convertido en una adición omnipresente al canon de la música de protesta.
Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon es el primer proyecto póstumo tras su asesinato en un allanamiento de morada el 19 de febrero de 2020. Fue lanzado el 3 de julio de 2020 por Victor Victor Worldwide y Republic Records.
En algunas pistas del álbum, permite que trascienda los límites regionales. Las características de Quavo de Atlanta, así como Charlotte, DaBaby de Carolina del Norte y Tupelo, Swae Lee de Mississippi, muestran la destreza vocal de Pop Smoke y subrayan su creciente popularidad fuera de Nueva York. La cantante colombiana Karol G se une a él en “Enjoy Yourself”, una sensual canción en dos idiomas que se siente hecha a medida para la zona de penumbra del baile posterior a la medianoche.
De las canciones lentas que muestran éxitos anteriores, “What You Know Bout Love”, que interpola el éxito de 2001 del cantante de R&B Ginuwine, “Differences”, es lo más destacado.

Pop Smoke Posthumously Hits No. 1 In The U.K. With His Debut Album

The vast majority of albums that reach No. 1 on nearly any chart in the world do so in the first week or two they are available, as that is when most fans rush to buy and stream the latest from their favorite musician or band.

Here Are the Lyrics to Pop Smoke’s ‘For the Night,’ Feat. Lil Baby & DaBaby

The Billboard Hot 100 continues to cement Pop Smoke’s legacy, as “For the Night,” featuring Lil Baby and DaBaby, became his first top 10 hit and holds at No. 15 three months later (chart dated Oct. 3).

“What You Know Bout Love” de Pop Smoke, uno de los muchos cortes presentados en su álbum debut Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, alcanza un nuevo récord importante en el Hot 100 de esta semana, ya que avanza al top 40 por primera vez. Si bien aún no se ha seleccionado como sencillo, los fanáticos han identificado el corte como favorito y es posible que pronto reciba un impulso promocional adecuado. “What You Know Bout Love” es el noveno éxito entre los 40 mejores de Smoke en el Hot 100.

Pop Smoke Made the Soundtrack of a Lost Summer

The posthumous debut album of the Brooklyn rapper reverberates with the tragedy of his untimely death. Some albums demand ascetic listening, the kind that happens best in solitude or while wearing noise-canceling headphones. Such music has its place, especially in the colder months.

Pop Smoke’s First And Final Album Falls Between Two Worlds

It’s been five months since Pop Smoke’s death and just over a year since “Welcome to the Party,” the first single of his debut mixtape, Meet the Woo, began snaking through the firmament. Then it was joined by the even more irresistible “Dior.”

Pop Smoke’s Endless Summer Continues on ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon’

Last summer, you couldn’t walk a block in Brooklyn without hearing Pop Smoke ‘s “Welcome to the Party” or “Dior” blasting out of an apartment or passing car. Now, five months after the 20-year-old phenom was shot and killed during a home invasion – an incalculable loss for New York rap – he remains the toast of the city.

Pop Smoke Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon | The New Yorker

The sound of dissent takes many forms-voices rising, chants echoing. In New York, dissent also sounds like Pop Smoke. The Canarsie-born rapper, who was shot and killed, in February, at a Hollywood Hills home he was renting, was known for his low, rumbling style of Brooklyn drill, which, as Pitchfork and Nylon have noted, has recently filled the streets and shaped the soundtrack of local Black Lives Matter protests.

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What You Know Bout Love – Pop Smoke



[Verse 1]

Shawty go jogging every morning (Every morning)
And she make me breakfast almost every morning (Every morning)
And she take a naked pic before she leave the door
I be waking up to pics before a nigga yawning
And every weekend my shawty comin’ over (Over)
Shawty could Fendi out but she like Fashion Nova (Nova)
She ain’t driving no Camry she pullin’ in a Rover (Rover)
With her hair so curly, I love you, baby


She said, “What you know ’bout love?” (I’ll tell you everything)
I got what you need (Oh)
Walk up in the store and get what you want (Go get it)
You get what you please
We ’bout to get it on, take off them drawers (I said I love you, baby)
It’s just you and me
You know what I be on, I’m about to go raw (Love you, baby)
‘Cause I like what I see

[Verse 2]

Look, baby, I said I ain’t gon’ front
You got my heart beating so fast to words I can’t pronounce
And I be getting the chills every time I feel your touch
I be looking at the top and girl, it’s only us
All I need is your trust
And girl I told you once, don’t make me tell you twice
I know you see this print through my pants that I know you like
And yo ass be looking so fat when it be in them tights
And I’m going straight to the top, so hope you ain’t afraid of heights
You always keep me right, for a fact, you never left
Through all the trials and tribulations, always had my best
So here’s fifty-five hunnid, go and get your breasts
Start rubbin’ on your butt, start kissing on yo neck
Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter
Niggas know I had to swing, I had to make a play
I had to apply the pressure, ’cause you my hidden treasure
I think I’m falling in love


She said, “What you know ’bout love?” (I’ll tell you everything)
I got what you need (Oh)
Walk up in the store and get what you want (Go get it)
You get what you please
We ’bout to get it on, take off them drawers (I said I love you, baby)
It’s just you and me
You know what I be on, I’m about to go raw (Love you, baby)
‘Cause I like what I see